Glitteryspit is for all the those big kids out there whose pussies, dicks and hearts swell, melt and drip with the sensuous freedom of exploring the vulnerable crevices of sexuality.

These stories and poems are the emotional equivalent of a bouncing pair of breasts who have just been liberated from their socially modest confinement. Free at last. They are tender…sensitive, pulsating above a fluttery heart, they are unapologetically uncensored…they also might make you want to touch yourself. (In which case, I approve.)

My name’s Umi, and writing has been scratchin’ the itch I just can’t reach since I was a tiny thing. It comes silently when I least expect it, it possesses me suddenly and violently, then it leaves me glowing in a post-orgasmic kind of way, more woke than before, and wondering what the fuck just came out of me.

Some of my personal themes that seem to seep through the seams and wind up expressing themselves here on Glitteryspit include bisexuality, healing from rape, polyamory, online dating, deconditioning the social/sexual norms, the angst of falling in love and the delicious grit of being a modern nomad.

More than anything, I’d absolutely love to hear your reaction to my writing, comment that ish up. It sends chills down my spine knowing that humans are reading this shit. I’m open to creative ideas and critiques and if we don’t already know each other, I’d love to be friends.

Stay wet and woke,

u m i





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