We were up at a ganja farm near Eugene, Oregon, trimming away when we first started melting into each other. She and I would take a break and go to the kitchen to munch, and end up in each other’s arms giggling and nuzzling each other. The grower would see us, raise an eyebrow and look the other way. It was very clear that he and she were a couple, they would speak to each other affectionately and be seen talking privately and kissing and all that. The grower thought that she was cheating on him with me, but he kept his mouth shut.

Likewise, he and I became closer and closer, shyly flirting with one another out of earshot of others. One afternoon, the grower walked into the greenhouse where we were supposed to be trimming, and found me sitting on his lap with his arms wrapped around me. The grower gave us a twisty face, sighed, and walked out. We laughed wondering what the hell that was about.

A few days later, the three of us are standing outside admiring a rainbow together, hugging and kissing each other’s cheeks when the grower puts his foot down.

“Okay, what the hell is going on here? Are you both getting cheated on by this girl and somehow don’t know, or is this some sort of polygamist stunt?”

We burst out laughing.

“We just like each other, it’s pretty simple.”

One night she and I stayed up pretty late trimming, when we got to the bus to make some dinner, he was asleep in the top bunk and our other bus friends decided to set up tent and camp outside. Normally, the bus felt full and bustling, but right now it felt peaceful and intimate. We made dinner together, and after she slipped into the bottom bunk, my bunk, where I always sleep alone. She sleeps up in the loft with him. I finish putting the cooking things away and head into the back of the bus and kneel beside my bunk.

“Oh, do you want me to go up top? It’s just cozy down here.”

“No, no, no, it’s fine. You do make it look so cozy.”

“Come in!”

She’s so adorable wrapped up under my sleeping bag in the tiiiiny bottom bunk, with the big window as the side wall to look out and admire the glowing indigo sky.

I climb into the bunk and since it’s so narrow, we’re pressed close against each other, shoulder to shoulder. The energy is so strong. It’s obvious that something is building. We still have never kissed each other. She’s making weird faces and I’m playing with her face. Her cheeks are the most plump, soft and warm piece of a human that I have ever touched. I’m holding her face between my hands gently and verbally admiring her, which is making her smile so big that her cheeks puff up and oh my god it’s even more lovely, and the vicious cycle of swooning harder and harder has no end.

She’s staring at my mouth.

“Your lips are sooooo juicy looking. They’re so beautiful.”

Is this really happening? Did she just say that?

All I can do is take my turn as the one who’s blushing. She traces my cheek with her finger tip, my nose, watching with steady eyes every place she touches with a glazed over expression of joy. She puts her fingers on my mouth, leaves them there. Everything in my body is feeling warm with pleasure and my eyes watch her with anticipation. It is clear, we are rushing nothing. It is clear, this is not two women touching each other’s faces, this is love playing with itself through form.

Through the twinkling light of the candles, I can see the magnificence in her eyes. I won’t even attempt to explain it here. Words, however artful, could never demonstrate how they pulled me into her world, and how luxurious of a place it is to be invited into. I’m overwhelmed with honor to be mutually appreciated by this one. These thoughts are floating through space as I realize she’s closing the distance between us, she’s pulling me into her world and its all over. Everything is over. My thoughts, my nervousness, my anticipation.

Our mouths together are a miracle.

My pillowy lips playing with hers, the most sensual experience of my life. Somewhere in between timeless moments, our tongues fluidly find their way into the others mouth, kneading each other and teasing, push and pull. My hands squeeze her neck, we look into each other’s eyes. My lips are pulled down to the peace dove tattooed on her neck, I kiss it. I lick it. She quivers in my hands. I suck and press my tongue into her neck and trace it up behind her ear. She’s letting out tiny sounds of waxing excitement and squirming so much that I can’t imagine how he is still asleep on the top bunk right above us.

When my mouth finds hers again, she kisses me with much more heat than I was expecting. She’s intoxicating me, breathing heavy as we make out and my lungs are filled with her sweet breath.

Her hands are hungry, and they have found my breasts. She locks eyes with me, wordlessly asking for my consent to take my shirt off. I smile into her mouth and I’m suddenly half naked, I’m suddenly shuddering, my nipples being gently rolled between her finger tips. Her tongue circling, teeth nibbling. I cup her breasts in my palms, the first ones that I have ever felt besides my own…I’m overflowing with pleasure. Her shirt comes off and we take turns kissing, squeezing each other’s breasts, teasing each other and receiving each other.

All of a sudden I feel pulled, towards a place that I have never experienced before. I am so wrapped up sucking and licking down her belly that when I find myself at her flower I’m just shocked. She’s completely naked before me, legs over my shoulders and my face inches away from the most dreamy place.

Kissing her thighs, my mind pops back on to remind me that I’ve never done this before. My heart comes in to turn it off, telling me that every touch is made magic when love is let flow.

I inhale the womanly scent different from my own, she can’t see me, but I’m smiling at this new level of knowing her. Her fingers lace into mine and I can’t tease her anymore, she’s cooing too much for me to withhold from her any longer.

A kiss is what I place on her clitoris. A kiss, a kiss, another one. Her body goes electric. My lips part and my tongue finds the first taste, and I can’t stop. I want to lick up all the nectar. Her hips find their own rhythm and I follow her, sucking gently on her button. She holds back nothing from me, moaning, whimpering, pressing herself into my mouth, squeezing my hands and I fucking love it.

Finaaaaally, he wakes up. He climbs down from the top bunk.

“Ladies? May I join you?”

Oh fuck, please do.

By some miracle, the three of us are fitting in this tiny bunk. I’m laying side by side with her again and he is over both of us. He leans down and kisses her so sweetly in her worked up state. He and I still have never kissed yet. They are making out and I’m watching, wanting to touch myself but just feeling all the energy build. He turns his face towards me, she’s kissing his neck and cheek. He cups my face in his hands, looks at her and she smiles in acceptance, and we are off. He’s kissing me so passionately, and she’s watching us. He’s growing harder and harder, I can feel him growing pressed against my hip. She frees him from his clothing while he goes on to kiss my neck, my breasts, sucking and purring. Moans are floating out of my throat, and undecipherable words as I watch her hands glazed with glittery spit massaging his thick wood.

He turns to her, cupping her ass and kissing her belly, scooting down the bed, kissing my thighs and hers alternatively. He remarks about how wet I’ve seemed to have already made her, and I blush and he licks her pussy still wet with my saliva. His fingers pull off my skirt and he discovers quickly just how wet I am. She’s pulling his hair, moaning. I’m twisting my hips as he circles around my clit with his fingers.

He pulls away and rises, his blonde beard is glistening with her lady cum. I pull him by the chin to me, and I lick his jaw. We suck each other’s lips, looking at her, sharing her taste between our mouths. He licks the finger that’s been playing with me, moans and tells me he wants more.

She’s stroking his cock and my legs are over his shoulders. He’s so eager to taste, he licks me and sighs. I’m watching her watch us, twirling one of my wet fingers around her nipple. My hips shake on their own accord, feeling his tongue playing with my clit while I do this to her is making everything buzz.

He rises again, askes if he can penetrate me. Before I know, he’s rolling on a condom while I’m kissing her, connecting with her, making sure she feels okay with this, while he is between my legs rubbing his head over and over and over my wet slit, driving me crazy. I look up at him, unconsciously biting my lip, he touches my face, feels my wet lip and slowly pushes himself a little into me. He’s so thick, and so gentle. I’m quivering as he pushes in a little, pulls out a little, pushes in a little bit more until he’s completely inside of me. Everything is spinning, he moves slow and I’m so sensitive, trying to remember to breathe. She’s tonguing my nipples and my muscles are gripping around him with so much pleasure. He’s crying out every time my pussy ripples on him and I’m crying into her mouth. He stops, pacing himself, slowing down. He looks at her and they’re connecting in the deep kind of way you can only do when you’ve been in love with someone for years. They embrace and he eases himself into her, now it’s my turn to cover her in kisses. They’re making love with familiarity and I touch myself in ecstasy of getting to watch these two gorgeous people fall into this luxurious rhythm. I’m kissing her, feeling her shake and I swear I can feel everything she’s feeling. I’m coming suddenly, moaning against her cheek. She comes on his cock, so loud and uninhibited is her crying. She and I are both panting, looking at each other, smiling, fully in this amazing moment.

He pulls my hips up to his lap and penetrates me slow again. We both gasp in the sensations and I feel all shaky and high. We’re building up together in this delicious crescendo, he can’t resist any longer and his mouth drops open in bliss and his cock pulsates inside of me as he comes loudly.

We collapse into each other. Sighing and making delighted sounds of contentment. Giggling at what we just did and how all of this is such a trip. The window beside us is completely fogged over and we draw on the cold wet pane.

I go outside to let them connect, and to enjoy breathing in the crisp night air. The grass is already dewy and I wonder if our friend in the tent beside the bus could hear us through the open windows. I smile, I just can’t stop. Life is just so vivid and delightful right now. I look up beaming at the moon and somehow, it seems like she’s smiling back at me.