oh yeah it’s all the feels
someone to be electric about
another pair of pillowy lips
someone to set fire to the ideas I made up
a breath breathing in my ear
deep voice rollin around my head
colombian accent
burning up all the peace in my heart
im gushing 4 u
and we just holdin hands
in my misty night fantasy land
growls masked as laughter
tickling is my excuse to validate
touching u so much
fingers linger, please unlace me
why am I hot for the crazy ones?
the broken hearted and the lost
dripping with angst, I love u like that
something fresh in red pinched cheeks
hold me, if only in your gaze
attention from you? crave
mr. anxiety
ima try to not let this get ahold on me

the feels when u up late at night
under all the blankets
writing poems about people
people that would never guess that
they got me foggin up the touchscreen
tapping away my tension for them
don’t even know that our late night
eating nachos in their car
as rain poured down
gave me so much to write about
sensitive girl, even the lightest brush
n ur heart skips a beat
repeat repeat defeat