the church comes closer
racing towards God
on the back of a motorcycle

afghani men harass us
no we don’t want your wilted rose
flowers have never been so rude

stuck in a fence
an errant cut rose waits
it was born to die for romances sake

pulling your eyes up to mine
like a finger dripping honey
a mystery rose appears from thin air

cheeks turned a surprised shade
shyness stings your expression
kisses, kisses for the clever

thorny rose between teeth
I force you to pose
straddling your suzuki

tourists watch us with saucer eyes
licking your neck
everyone blushes

dreadlocks tossed into a helmet
adrenaline-spiked pulse
Sicilian cannolis here we come

groping each other in public
eating a pound of pasta at midnight
“we’ve been naughty” he says

sono le 6.43 di mattina
va a pisciare e ritorna
un tortellino tra le mie braccia

dreadlocks ficcati nel casco
pulsazioni spine adrenaliniche
cannoli siciliani stiamo arrivando

icastrata in una ringhiera
un’ errante rosa tagliata attende
nacque per morire per amor dell’amore

la chiesa si avvicina
nella corsa verso Dio
sul retro di una motocicletta

tre giorni cosa possono contenere?
il tempo è un bicchiere
l’amore è quando trabocca