the ocean between us…
it tricks us
distance creates something different
it’s definitely not the same
when we had our bodies together
like pressed flowers in gods hand-written memoir

the other side of my split personality
the serious, serious, serious one
she doubts you,
from the other side of an ocean
I have faith in love
it’s lovers on the other hand,
they falter

when you say you’re going out
jealousy strikes
and I mustn’t be trusted
you’re not mine
yet I turn page after page
creasing your corners so
everyone might see it on you

I’m the first raindrop to hit the water
with you, I withhold
wondering where the bottom of your well is
I’m afraid in this love
there is none

who would I be then?
when I’ve fallen into you like that?
a piece of clay that moans
shakes when you knead it
submitted to being your art,
could you handle that?

1,064 degrees Celsius
the temperature at which gold melts
could you hold me then?
this is what I meant when I said
it’s never the love
it’s the lovers who falter